Embassies: May 14, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

I woke up at 4:45 this morning and started writing to you about Hillsdale College. You gave the commencement address there over the weekend. I have a weird island of knowledge about Hillsdale, and I have a lot to say.

Then I had to pause for getting ready for work, getting a kid to school, and listening to the new Childish Gambino song several dozen times in a row. In the meantime, my topic clearly had to shift.

As I was living my life, and Ivanka Trump (for some reason? What’s her official role again, and what are her qualifications?) was unveiling a plaque at the new American embassy in Jerusalem (see right) and thousands of Palestinians in Gaza were being wounded as they protested (see left). (And credit to the New York Times for being the place I found these already juxtaposed photos.)


Yes, there’s Ivanka, living her best life in a lovely tailored suit, while teenagers are dying as they protest a move that bucks decades of precedent and makes us the only country to have our actual embassy in the city (though several Latin American countries will be moving in the near future, in what seems like a move to strengthen ties with the United States, not with Israel).

It’s being reported that 52 protesters have been wounded, while more than 1700 have been wounded.

Donald Trump, on peace in the Middle East:  “It would be a great achievement — and even from a humanitarian standpoint — what better if we could make peace between Israel and the Palestinians? And I can tell you, we are working very hard on doing that…”

Yes! I can tell from the photo and the aforementioned statistics that this plan to broker peace is going very well.

Here’s a handy reminder on one of the reasons we moved the embassy: evangelical Christian support for Trump was slipping, and evangelicals just LOVE Israel. Why? Because many believe that Jews need to be gathered in Israel in order to usher in the Second Coming of Christ (you know, the apocalypse). I wrote about it back in December.

It makes sense, therefore, that you are salivating over this move.

pence jerusalem

There’s some of that Bible-as-land-deed stuff going on. And by the way, there’s no agreement among historians that King David actually existed, as apart from a few pieces of archaeological evidence that don’t solidly point to said existence, the only information we have about him comes from the Bible. I appreciate your religious belief and belief in the infallibility of the Bible, but to say that it’s a “historic truth” that David “consecrated the capital of the Kingdom of Israel” based on one piece of religious literature is sort of stretching the definition of “historic truth.”

Also, any mention from you of the dozens of people dead and thousands of people wounded would be, at the very least, welcome.


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