Articles: May 15, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

An interesting round-up of articles today, most notably a New York Times article entitled “Pence Is Trying To Control Republican Politics. Trump Aides Aren’t Happy.

A quote: “Republican officials now see Mr. Pence as seeking to exercise expansive control over a political party ostensibly helmed by Mr. Trump, tending to his own allies and interests even when the president’s instincts lean in another direction. Even as he laces his public remarks with praise for the president, Mr. Pence and his influential chief of staff, Nick Ayers, are unsettling a group of Mr. Trump’s fierce loyalists who fear they are forging a separate power base.”

Or, in other words: you’ve been playing the long con, and somehow people are just catching on.

(Some of us caught on a long time ago and feel a little vindicated.)


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