Animals: May 22, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Do you know The Turner Diaries? I’m sure you do. It’s classic gun show patriot militia white supremacist literature. So many of your supporters have a copy on their shelves.

This is a weird island of knowledge for me, so I honestly can’t believe I hadn’t gotten around to The Turner Diaries until today.

Let me tell you, this is not award-winning literature. There are the obvious terrible things: the racism, antisemitism, anti-government bullshit. On the very first page we learn our “hero” Earl Turner is fighting against a law that took away guns from people…called the “Cohen Act.” The law, obviously supposed to have been written by a Jewish congressperson, is enforced by African-American government workers. A few pages in, Turner and his crew slit the throat of a Jewish deli owner, and take out his wife with….a jar of kosher pickles.

Aside from all that, it’s also just terribly written.

As I was reading this awful trash, I came across this:

“It is hard to say now whether the militants were right. Personally, I think they were wrong-although I counted myself as one of them at the time. We could certainly have killed a number of the creatures responsible for America’s ills, but I believe we would have lost in the long run.”

Creatures. Earl Turner, the racist character whose portrayal inspired Timothy McVeigh, calls people (presumably Jews and African-Americans) “creatures.”

Why does that sound familiar…

Oh, right. Our president.

Yeah, MS-13 is fucking terrible. But when your president is dehumanizing groups of people in the same way as Earl Turner, the main character of a book that inspired an act of domestic terrorism that killed children, in a daycare, a daycare McVeigh knew was there…no thanks.


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