Puerto Rico: May 29, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

A Harvard study was just released that asserts Hurricane Maria has killed 4,600 Puerto Ricans.

While the official death toll stands at 64 – the number of people directly killed by the storm – that number does not take death due to the widespread devastation post-Maria into consideration.

Can you imagine if 4,600 white Americans had died in these conditions following a storm?

Nearly seven months after the storm, there were still island-wide power cuts. Many of the deaths are due to medical care interrupted because of a lack of access to electricity.

If this were a state full of white Americans, how would our emergency response have differed?

Meanwhile, we’ll all spend the day arguing about whether Roseanne should still have a television show after referring to an African-American woman as an “ape.”

(And by the way, if you think ABC should continue to employ Roseanne because everyone has a right to free speech, I’d suggest you give the 49ers a call about Colin Kaepernick.)




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