Trust: June 12, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Trump, on Kim Jong Un: “”I think he trusts me, and I trust him.”

Trump, on Justin Trudeau: “Very dishonest & weak.”

Now, Justin Trudeau isn’t perfect. I’m reminded of this when I get particularly fan-girly and someone points out to me that yes, he just supported expansion of an oil pipeline opposed by environmentalists, or any number of other things.

But let’s talk about some things that Justin Trudeau has NOT done (as far as I know):

I’m not quite sure, given this contrast, why our president is trusting Kim and not Trudeau. Does he know something we don’t? Has he seen secret Canadian plans to invade the United States and set up shop?

God, I hope so. I could go for some of that universal healthcare and parental leave and cheaper education. And more hockey, please.



One thought on “Trust: June 12, 2018

  1. In the news pictures, look at that smile on Kim’s face. What a fool. What an absolute fool we have for president.

    Now he’s calling our own military “provocative” and “inappropriate” because we irritate Kim. I guess he’d rather have a saber rattling parade in DC than show off American might where it’s been most effective. Just who is he trying to intimidate? Apparently not a dangerous dictator. Funny, he can find the money for a parade, but war games where they are needed are too expensive. Could he be threatening us?

    What a fool. What a treacherous, stupid fool.


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