June 18, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Giles was upset when I left him at school today, and even though I knew I was leaving him in amazing hands, it still hurt to walk away when I heard him cry “mommy!” from just inside the door.


Here’s audio from children inside a detention center. They’ve just been separated from their parents.

How broken must the hearts of the parents of these children be. How odious and frightening that anyone could listen to this and still defend these actions. How terrifying that the adults in this recording are so desensitized. “Well, we have an orchestra here today,” says a Border Patrol agent, callously talking about traumatized children sobbing for their parents.

I have donated and called. I am closely following Sleeping Giants as they discover what companies are profiting off of this human rights disaster, and I’ll make those calls too. I am keeping my eye out for direct action opportunities (and please be in touch if you know of any). I don’t know that any of this feels like enough, when I hear this audio and can’t imagine anything but my own child, sobbing breathlessly to a dismissive lackey inside a stark detention center.

How can we get this audio played outside both the White House and Congress? Top volume. On a loop.

Let’s be clear: this is where we land when we ignore dehumanizing rhetoric, when we don’t nip it in the bud.


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