Kahl: July 6, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Just an interesting historical tidbit for you today.

Yesterday, I finished a book about Gordon Kahl and his murder of several U.S. Marshals who were serving an arrest warrant on him after he refused to pay his taxes. Kahl, along with being a racist and anti-Semite, also didn’t think the government could require him to pay an income tax.

After Kahl was involved in a murderous standoff, he went on the run. And none other than Rudy Giuliani, who was then Associate Attorney General, was encouraging the manhunt to find him.

Intrigued, I found a short piece that indicated when George W. Bush was considering getting rid of Cheney as VP for his second term, he thought he might choose Giuliani. At the time, there was speculation that he couldn’t choose him because that would have made the far-right too angry, given he’d had a hand in finding Kahl (who eventually died in a second shootout when he was found).

I’m interested in this, because it seems your administration does more winking and dog whistling to the far-right and fed-hating folks in this country, and Giuliani has become a close ally. Is this case just too old, and no one remembers the link?


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