America First, Again: July 13, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Last night at trivia, I learned some things.

  • There are ten elements on the periodic table that end in the letters -on. One of them is a recent addition.
  • I am known as a person to whom one can say, “Oh, you’ll know what this flag is,” and then be shown the flag of Kekistan. (And yeah, of course I knew what it was.)
  • Ohio and Michigan have the most intense state v. state rivalry.
  • 11 PM is definitively past my bedtime.

I will incorporate what I have learned into my life, using it in the future. What’s the point in learning things if you don’t use your knowledge?

Which made me particularly upset today to see you, once again, speaking at an America First Policies event.


Because you’ve learned these things:

  • The slogan “America First” has origins in a racist organization.
  • America First Policies is an organization that loves to employ racists. Employees/former employees include:
    • Carl Higbie, who we’ve discussed before.
    • Juan Pablo Andrade, who was recorded on Snapchat saying “the only thing the Nazis didn’t get right was that they didn’t keep fucking going.”
    • John Loudon, who called Barack Obama the “Islamchurian Candidate.”

But apparently you have no desire to actually learn FROM those things, and you continue to appear at America First events. Because on the Trump Train, either you’re a racist yourself, or you’re willing to ignore virulent racism because you like tax cuts for corporations.

Tell me — which are you?


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