July 19, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

As I’m sure you know, Massachusetts still technically had a 19th century law on the books — one that criminalized abortion. With concern about the status of Roe v. Wade should Trump’s Supreme Court nominee be confirmed, it was imperative that this law be stripped from the books. And that’s exactly what the House voted to do. It’s on its way to Charlie Baker to sign, and, hopefully, he will.

This is excellent news for Massachusetts. And yet, it also means we may have significant responsibilities in a post-Roe era. I’ve written about them before. I’m thinking about them again today. Excuse me while I quote myself:

So where does that leave those of us in states where that may be an influx of people seeking abortion care, because they can’t end a pregnancy in their own state? What are our responsibilities?

Opening our homes to people traveling here for abortions. Giving them a place to stay. Feeding them and caring for them while they’re here.

Mailing Plan B to people elsewhere if their OTC or even prescription access has been cut off.

Donating money to abortion funds so that people can make expensive trips across state lines to access routine and possibly life-saving medical care.

Working as clinic escorts to assure that people feel a buffer between themselves and the hate outside their doctor’s office.

Fighting as hard as we can to overturn restrictive anti-abortion legislation in our bordering states so that no one needs to travel a remarkable distance to access healthcare.

Our parents and grandparents did these things, in a pre-Roe world. We’ll do them to, if we need to. You won’t win.



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