Pardon me: August 29, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

I’m writing to you from South Station. That’s new!

This is the first moment all day I’ve gotten to breathe and look at the news. I see a pretty interesting op-ed that calls on you to pardon Trump. Essentially, you make a deal: you’ll pardon him of any crime he might serve jail time for after leaving office, he leaves office without a fuss.

It’s an interesting proposition. I’m sure you’ve thought of it.

I wonder if it’s even been discussed openly? I have to imagine you would never bring this idea up, as it would not be part and parcel of your obsequious package.

But I also have to imagine you’d do it if you were asked, as you’ve likely done everything you were asked.

I wonder: will I have to change the name of this blog?


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