Dear Karen: August 30, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Today I’m going to try something new. Today, I’m writing to Karen. Could you please pass this on?



Dear Mrs. VP,

Esquire published an article today called “It Turns Out Mike Pence Has Been Working on Being Unlikable for Decades.

In this article, there are quotes from a former Hanover classmate of your husband. The classmate, who is gay, recalls our VP telling him he was an abomination, and ending their friendship. But the classmate further recalls this: “Pence was almost as judgmental about his wife-to-be, Karen, as he was about gay students. ‘He told me that he needed to forgive her because she had been married before and wasn’t a virgin. It had taken a while for him to get there, but he had forgiven her.'”

Oh, girl.

I know you’ve been married to him for a long time, and perhaps this is water under the bridge at some point. But, really? You married someone who felt he needed to forgive you because you’d previously been married and had sex? Did you feel lucky that he forgave you? Did you actually somehow feel unworthy? What in the world possessed you to hold onto this man, other than, perhaps, low self-esteem and some sort of unhealthy attachment?

I don’t feel bad for you now. You’ve stuck to the side of a racist and a homophobe for too long. But I do feel bad for then-Karen, who felt she needed to put up with a man like Mike Pence.




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