September 15, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Yesterday, Rolling Stone joined the list of publications running scare articles about impeachment.

“Do you really want ten years of President Pence?” asks Rolling Stone.

Well, no. Clearly, I do not want ten years of President Pence, if only because that’s something like 3,600 letters and I’d be 44 by the time I was done writing. I didn’t sign up for that sort of commitment, damnit.

But I still don’t see why that prevents us from try to get rid of Trump NOW. Donald Trump is a danger to the entire world. Yes — I worry about you. Clearly. A Pence presidency would be devastating to this country — our people and the environment.

Isn’t that what we already have, though? A Pence presidency, in all but name? Your homophobic and xenophobic measures are still being put into place, and as a bonus we get a president who openly tweets racist dog whistles.

Fear of you is not a legitimate reason to postpone removal of our president.


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