Enhanced Lockdown: September 24, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

“Mommy, if it was real, we climb through the hole in the fence of the playground.”

“And what do you do then?”

“We run.”

“To what?”

“We just run. A policeman will find us.”

“Daddy says if I’m running with a friend and my friend is scared, I could try to comfort them.”

My kid is five. Today he had his first of what I assume will be many “enhanced lockdown drills.”

While you and your GOP pals do next to nothing to make classrooms safer, my kindergartener practiced hiding in the library and was shown a fence hole he’s supposed to duck through in case there’s an active shooter at his elementary school.

I’ve had a lot of pretty angry moments in the last few weeks, but I gotta tell you. This is the angriest.


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