Mail: October 18, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Good news.

Women in the United States can now receive (proven safe) medical abortion pills via mail.

The organization providing this service has a sister org that has done so for years in other countries, but just started offering to ship to the United States.

I’m writing this from South Station, which for weeks has been plastered with advertisements for a company that will send erectile dysfunction meds in the mail.

Anti-choice advocates will argue mailing abortion drugs is unsafe.

This study indicates that ED drugs have side effects approximately 8.5 to 25% of the time.

About 3% of people who take the abortion pill have a complication that requires intervention.

Seems like if we can mail one – and plaster advertisements about it all over a busy train station to boot, we can also mail the other.

One of these drugs allows men to have a sex life. One of them may literally allow a person to have any life at all.


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