November 8, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

I know that I’m supposed to be up in arms about Jeff Sessions, and his replacement AG who will probably starve the Russia investigation into non-existence. And I am. An independent investigation is imperative, potentially to the survival of our democracy. I was heartened to see the outburst of spontaneous protest today.

And yet, two things.

First, I obviously can’t find it in myself to feel badly for Jeff Sessions. While he may have been holding some sort of line on Russia, he’s also a racist and a terrible person, a man who once suggested smoking weed is worse than being in the Klan.

Second, I’m still stuck on Jim Acosta. The man was asking questions. Which is his job, as a journalist. The president doesn’t have to like his questions, but given he’s out top elected official, he should be able to deal with someone who is questioning him. Especially as the free press is enshrined in our founding document? Shrug!


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