December 6, 2018

Dear Mr. VP,

Happy to be back today with this article from Vanity Fair.

Inside, is a description of meetings in which Trump is opening discussing jettisoning you from the 2020 ticket. Apparently polls show you don’t expand his base – you don’t turn anyone anyway, but neither do you bring anyone in.

Interesting. I imagine the dream was you brought in white Evangelicals; what this says is they’re with Trump no matter what. That, first off, says a lot about the hypocrisy of white Evangelicals, doesn’t it. Have we recently had a less moral president? But they’re all still along for the ride.

I wonder how you’re feeling. What’s your post-Trump life like? Do you write a memoir? Where do you retire? Where’s Marlon Bundo going next? Do you continue your obsequiousness even past being fired, or do you let it all hang out?

Let’s hope we find out.


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