And, in the end – January 20, 2021

Dear Mr. Pence,

I know I didn’t stick it out for four years, but I felt I owed this a last message.

A few weeks ago, I started writing a long, drawn out goodbye. Then I watched January 6th. I digested the depth of hurt your administration has caused this country — a country that was already hurting, and needed someone to light the fuse. The fuse has been lit. I can only hope we can prevent the flame, somehow, from reaching its destination and causing sheer catastrophe.

Last night, I watched as now President Joe Biden and now Vice President Kamala Harris paid tribute to the 400,000 Americans who have died of COVID. That number is staggering. I am past being able to comprehend what it means. What I do know is that this trauma will impact the rest of our lives. At a time when we needed guidance most of all, when we needed a federal response to unimaginable tragedy, we were abandoned to die, or to watch our family, friends, and neighbors suffer that fate. That blood is on your hands. You have robbed myself and my child of precious time with our family members, time we won’t ever get back. Blame is also laid at your door for that.

When I started writing to you four years ago, I could never have imagined the extent of the tragedy that would be brought by your administration. I didn’t expect to close out four years terrified of a global pandemic and a white nationalist uprising. (To be fair, I was terrified of white nationalism and all that it has wrought and continues to cause in our country — but I cannot say I thought it would get to the inner chambers of the Capitol in the form of an angry mob. Of course, it has always been there in the form of racist, xenophobic, and antisemitic elected officials.)

And while I am under no pretense that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will solve all our problems — they are too deep and cemented into our country’s legacy for two people and four years to fix — at least I can sleep tonight knowing that when things go wrong, there are people in charge who understand the threats facing us, and want to work towards solutions.

Mr. Pence, you are not the reasonable alternative to Donald Trump. You are, instead, the enabler that allowed him to get this far. You cannot ever be forgiven for that, no matter what you do next. Should you choose to run in 2024, it will be my life mission to remind everyone of this true nature.


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